Meet Marcia

How can I assist?

  • Are you looking to improve your team’s engagement?
  • Is your team overdue for quality team time?
  • Are you looking to learn from wise influencers?
  • Do you feel the pull to make changes in your life?

I would be honored to work with your team or with you personally. I am drawing on my years of group mental health reporting to be proactive and strengthen your team from within. Let’s work together to harness and empower the strengths of your team, individually and collectively.  Increased engagement and productivity is possible when we are working together. The coaching modality draws on internal resources to make lasting forward changes.

I believe in the beauty, the uniqueness and the strength of each person. My dream is to empower clients to define their unique happiness which stems from living as their best, true self.    I am committed to the process of empowering your goals and moving them forward. My coaching training is building the opportunity for me to connect my work experience in change management and client service with my natural curiosity and intuition in each session.

I am looking forward to providing support for your goals on your life’s journey.