The Beauty of Discomfort

by Sep 24, 2018

The Beauty of Discomfort

Author: Amanda Lang


Amanda has well researched Discomfort and presented the science, rewards and mystery all in 1 book for all of us. She starts with how to help our children. Amanda shares the stories of people who have lived the experiences behind the science. Here is a road map and encouragement to fuel your continuous growth journey.

What I Learned…

  • Why embrace discomfort?
  • Why grow?
  • Why commit to realizing your dream?

Amanda explores the process of change plus what leads us to growth.  She includes strategies for progressing through each stage with lots of open room for you to make the journey your own.

How this book found me:

This book was near the top of a list of referrals from my mum. Mum is a fountain of knowledge!

Is this book for You?

This is a must read for parents and parents to be. Plus there are great lessons for us older children…

Also at:

Chatelaine Magazine/Books: Have we made life too comfortable for our kids?


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Hi! I'm Marcia.


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