I Read

You R What U Read

I am sharing with you wisdom that was shared with me.

“An Investment in Knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

“Change is inevitable, Growth is optional” – Charles Darwin

I have collected referrals from the wise people in my sphere. I know I will never run out of ways to stretch and grow. I am enjoying the growth process. There will be a book or an app for each step of the journey. Please find here the books that have shaped my journey. I hope you find something that speaks to you.

Which books have influenced you? Please share your comments below.


The Art of Money

The Art of Money
Author: Bari Tessler

About:  This book is a gift for anyone who wants an honest, abundant, full relationship with money. Bari takes you on 3 journeys of discovery with your money
Phase 1: Money Healing
Phase 2 : Money Plan
Phase 3: Money Mapping
Each layer brings you to deeper appreciation of the role of money in our lives. Each person has a different journey. Each journey can start and/or continue here.

What I Learned… I learned that everyone is on this journey. Everyone has money work to do. I examined my relationship with money and started the money conversation with my fiancé. It was enlightening and empowering. Bari’s Art of Money program is a year-long but your relationship with money good/bad will last a lifetime. The sooner you start this work, the sooner you will unlock healing, abundance and acceptance of money. Do you have a financial partner? This work will open up communication in moving ways.

Be Gentle.          Be Honest           Be Free

How this book found me: My blended daughter brought me this book while we were exploring the Calgary Central Library. What a gift!

Is this book for You? Yes!

Also at: I encourage you to explore Bari’s website: http://baritessler.com/new-here/
Here is her latest article: https://www.mindful.org/issue/october-2018/

5 Thieves of Happiness

The 5 Thieves of Happiness
Author: John Iozzo

About:  John Iozzo breaks down his journey to discovering Happiness as our natural state. He backs this up with science. Then he breaks down the 5 thieves of happiness as the thief of control, the thief of conceit, the thief of coveting, the thief of consumption & the thief of comfort.   John offers valuable, real ways to get over each of these thieves.

What I Learned… There is so much to learn from this book! John digs into how each thief shows up in our lives. There are examples and parables to understand the dark side of each. This understanding is followed by real strategies to live a happy life. Plus! There are real strategies in each chapter to transform society and move our world into a positive world. I would refer this book to everyone I know for the last chapter alone. That being said, the last chapter made 10 times more sense after reading the first 6 chapters.

How this book found me: I waited months to get this book from the Calgary Library. I tried to borrow it from my Mum’s collection but she was re-reading it again. Now that I have read it, it is on my Christmas list. I will re-read this book often.

Is this book for You? I recommend this book to anyone ready to see and implement positive actions to move towards a life lived intentionally happy.
This is not a starting place. There is work to be done on living with intention. Once you are exploring this level of awareness, I would immediately recommend this book. I can’t wait to hear your experiences of living truly happy.

Also at: John Iozzo is a keynote speaker. His bio is available on his website. He has written an additional 5 books. They are available on his website at https://drjohnizzo.com/books/ .


Living Simple, Free & Happy

Living Simple, Free & Happy
Author: Cristin Frank

About:                 Cristin began the Reduction Rebels. She shares lived insight on the advantages of living with less. She declutters houses, schedules and lives; making room for joy and what we love.

Cristin offers real exercises on each topic that are achievable.   Her encouragement is motivating. The simplicity of her message makes the lasting changes possible. I will reread this book regularly to refocus on what is really important…

What I Learned… My favorite quotes from the book are:

      • “You experience abundant fulfillment when a sense of purpose brings order, stress relief and clarity to your schedule and surroundings. This sense of purpose will help guide your daily decisions and long-term goals. And this culmination of positive decisions will yield a lifestyle that gives you control of your money, possessions, home and free time.”
      • “We don’t even consider why we have something or the possibility that we could free ourselves from the maintenance by getting rid of it. Start your reduction plan with the large things and work your way done to the small things. It’s liberating”
      • “You’ll give purpose to your free time and have interesting things to talk about with your friends.”

How this book found me:            This book was a great suggestion on my Calgary Public Library app.

Is this book for You?       I suggest this book for anyone ready to make space for themselves. These lessons allow them to reclaim their true priorities – in their homes and in their schedules.

The Beauty of Discomfort

The Beauty of Discomfort
Author: Amanda Lang

About:                  Amanda has well researched Discomfort and presented the science, rewards and mystery all in 1 book for all of us. She starts with how to help our children. Amanda shares the stories of people who have lived the experiences behind the science. Here is a road map and encouragement to fuel your continuous growth journey.

What I Learned…

Why embrace discomfort?

Why grow?

Why commit to realizing your dream?

Amanda explores the process of change plus what leads us to growth.  She includes strategies for progressing through each stage with lots of open room for you to make the journey your own.

How this book found me:             This book was near the top of a list of referrals from my mum. Mum is a fountain of knowledge!

Is this book for You?       This is a must read for parents and parents to be. Plus there are great lessons for us older children…

Also at:

Chatelaine Magazine/Books: Have we made life too comfortable for our kids? https://www.chatelaine.com/living/books/amanda-lang-have-we-made-life-too-comfortable-for-our-kids/

A Thousand Words for Joy

A Thousand Words for Joy
Author: Byron Katie with Steven Mitchell

About:                  Here is an authentic lived example of Enlightened living. Do you need to see it and/or hear for yourself? Dive into this book…

I love that Katie’s and her husband Stephen combine the languages of Christianity and the Tao. Faith is critical for all humans. Every religion is full of love, relevance, and community. Non-dual thinking is not exclusive to any one religion. Which one is speaking to you?

Katie shares examples of the Work throughout the book. Explore how it will transform you when you are ready.

What I Learned…

I am still learning (and may always be learning) that truly living in the minute is a constant practice that brings sustained joy.

How this book found me:

My mum has been practicing the Work for a long time. She often suggests I ask myself the questions and meditate on what comes up. I was struggling with my career decisions and felt I needed more information. I found this book through a search of the Calgary Public Library. I read it twice the first time and will read it again.

Is this book for You?

I recommend this book for anyone and everyone who is searching for a deeper spirituality. Or even just looking for more joy…