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We are four local Calgary businesses and members of Be Local – a Calgary network of community-focused businesses. We have come together to create this unique package just for you.  Be collaborative, deepen your customer relationships, increase your sustainability, and improve your bottom line.

As a Be Local member yourself, receive 25 hours for the price of 20 hours!*

*Offer valid until Nov. 30, 2020.

Calgary Small Business Owner Coach, creating a positive workplace, inclusive business coach



Human Experience Partner

Working together to solidify a foundation of trust in your business.

T – Transparent – Looking at the facts and keeping honesty top of mind

R – Resilient – Returning to the key points of your vision and mission

U – Unique – Celebrating what makes your business stand out

S – Support – Setting the basics for internal peer support.

T – Talent – Exploring those extra gifts of your current employees



Branding & Social Media Photographer

I am a brand photographer and entrepreneur and I know that photography is an integral part of the “getting-to-know-you” process. I help entrepreneurs share their story in a cohesive, polished manner across their online platforms. Branding sessions help tell your story, showcase the process behind your product/service, how you bring value to each client and so much more!

In this 3 -hour session we dive deep into your company’s message and strategy to craft images that are consistent with your brand. I will help you style the session and we brainstorm ideas together that best showcase your products or services or presenting your latest community involvement.



Design Thinking 101

Introduction to core concepts of the Design Thinking process (human-centered design), offering a tried-and-tested approach to creative problem solving.

Why You Should Care

Take greater control over your products or services, and take greater control over your cash flow. Design Thinking can produce remarkable solutions to problems your customers face every day. If you’re not actively seeking to get better at solving your customer’s pain-points, your competitors will.

Keep you customer in mind, and keep their business. Customer-centred design integrates the needs of your customers, the possibilities of technology and services, and is a foundation of business success in 2020.

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SEO Enthusiast

Your business website is live and functioning.  Is it performing to its fullest potential?  Let us execute a technical SEO audit for your website focusing on content, keywords, metadata, user experience and security.  After the audit we will outline the issues and provide recommendations.  Note: The execution of the recommendations is beyond the scope of this package.

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