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Solopreneur Community Creator, Employee Engagement Specialist, Integrated Health & Wellness Coach located in Calgary

Making the world a better place to be, one group at a time.

Marcia Amaral – My Story

I love new ideas and trying new things.  My journey into entrepreneurship has been a journey of trying new things and baby steps. 

Finding my diverse career at another crossroads, I decided to find a way to honor all the parts of myself. My curiosity and intuition were under valued before but are the true basis for my path into coaching. My love for people and empathy for their needs has always been part of my career choices. With my experience in employee mental health, business coaching was a natural focus. These days, sometimes it is easy to dream big dreams and sometimes it is one step at a time.  But each day is moving forward and each day has at least one moment of joy in it. Hang onto the joy and the lessons will be deeper.  I believe we learn more from our failures than from easy success.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken me back to the lessons of my youth.  I grew up in Nelson, BC surrounded by adults who didn’t care what others thought of them and who believed that community was about service and the common good.  Yes it was priceless to grow up contented and supported. Yes it was a lot of work with/for friends on the weekends. Yes it was laughs And arguments. Now I want to share that depth of being in community with fellow solopreneurs.  

When I am not listening and collaborating for work, I am visiting and playing outside with friends and family. I am also a runner. I am not a fast runner or the furthest runner but I am a runner. I love to be outdoors.  I love to run and talk with friends. The distance flies by in between laughs and sorrows shared.  We do run outdoors year round. I hope to see you on the pathways.

Why Work With Me?


Empower you in your business and increase your productivity


Connect colleagues around a common purpose and create a positive workplace


Create a supportive community at your workplace and bring enjoyment to work


Personal transformation, focusing on your mental health and well being



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Amaral Coaching is based in Calgary, AB.

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