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Group Coach, Integrated Health and Wellness Coach located in Calgary

Making the world a better place to be, one group at a time.

Marcia Amaral – My Story

I have had many jobs I was sad to leave. I have worked with so many truly wonderful people. I have had only a few jobs that I was in a rush to leave. Here, again, the people influenced my experience.

We spend so much time at work. It is not too much to ask that it be enjoyable. I am thrilled that my lived experience, formal studies and self-motivated research have given me the knowledge and skills that I bring to help others to find enjoyment at work.

I am an optimist. I have always had a positive outlook on life and that reflects in my approach as a Calgary wellness coach. I have learned that hard work and my persistent nature will bring me wonderful things. Obviously, life has not and will not be without challenges, however I believe the Universe has my back. I believe that the tools I need for each situation are available within me and my community.

These days, sometimes it is easy to dream big dreams and sometimes it is one step at a time.  But each day is moving forward and each day has at least one moment of joy in it. Hang onto the joy and the lessons will be deeper.  I believe we learn more from our failures than from easy success.

I am a runner. I am not a fast runner or the furthest runner but I am a runner. I love to be in the outdoors.  I love to run and talk with friends. The distance flies by in between laughs and sorrows shared.  We do run outdoors year round. I hope to see you on the pathways.

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Empower you in your business and increase your productivity


Connect colleagues around a common purpose and create a positive workplace


Create a supportive community at your workplace and bring enjoyment to work


Personal transformation, focusing on your mental health and well being



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