The Art of Money

The Art of Money
Author: Bari Tessler

About:  This book is a gift for anyone who wants an honest, abundant, full relationship with money. Bari takes you on 3 journeys of discovery with your money
Phase 1: Money Healing
Phase 2 : Money Plan
Phase 3: Money Mapping
Each layer brings you to deeper appreciation of the role of money in our lives. Each person has a different journey. Each journey can start and/or continue here.

What I Learned… I learned that everyone is on this journey. Everyone has money work to do. I examined my relationship with money and started the money conversation with my fiancé. It was enlightening and empowering. Bari’s Art of Money program is a year-long but your relationship with money good/bad will last a lifetime. The sooner you start this work, the sooner you will unlock healing, abundance and acceptance of money. Do you have a financial partner? This work will open up communication in moving ways.

Be Gentle.          Be Honest           Be Free

How this book found me: My blended daughter brought me this book while we were exploring the Calgary Central Library. What a gift!

Is this book for You? Yes!

Also at: I encourage you to explore Bari’s website:
Here is her latest article:

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