Living Simple, Free & Happy

Living Simple, Free & Happy
Author: Cristin Frank

About:                 Cristin began the Reduction Rebels. She shares lived insight on the advantages of living with less. She declutters houses, schedules and lives; making room for joy and what we love.

Cristin offers real exercises on each topic that are achievable.   Her encouragement is motivating. The simplicity of her message makes the lasting changes possible. I will reread this book regularly to refocus on what is really important…

What I Learned… My favorite quotes from the book are:

      • “You experience abundant fulfillment when a sense of purpose brings order, stress relief and clarity to your schedule and surroundings. This sense of purpose will help guide your daily decisions and long-term goals. And this culmination of positive decisions will yield a lifestyle that gives you control of your money, possessions, home and free time.”
      • “We don’t even consider why we have something or the possibility that we could free ourselves from the maintenance by getting rid of it. Start your reduction plan with the large things and work your way done to the small things. It’s liberating”
      • “You’ll give purpose to your free time and have interesting things to talk about with your friends.”

How this book found me:            This book was a great suggestion on my Calgary Public Library app.

Is this book for You?       I suggest this book for anyone ready to make space for themselves. These lessons allow them to reclaim their true priorities – in their homes and in their schedules.

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