A Thousand Words for Joy

A Thousand Words for Joy
Author: Byron Katie with Steven Mitchell

About:                  Here is an authentic lived example of Enlightened living. Do you need to see it and/or hear for yourself? Dive into this book…

I love that Katie’s and her husband Stephen combine the languages of Christianity and the Tao. Faith is critical for all humans. Every religion is full of love, relevance, and community. Non-dual thinking is not exclusive to any one religion. Which one is speaking to you?

Katie shares examples of the Work throughout the book. Explore how it will transform you when you are ready.

What I Learned…

I am still learning (and may always be learning) that truly living in the minute is a constant practice that brings sustained joy.

How this book found me:

My mum has been practicing the Work for a long time. She often suggests I ask myself the questions and meditate on what comes up. I was struggling with my career decisions and felt I needed more information. I found this book through a search of the Calgary Public Library. I read it twice the first time and will read it again.

Is this book for You?

I recommend this book for anyone and everyone who is searching for a deeper spirituality. Or even just looking for more joy…

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